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Dusenberg: "These incidents do not pass the smell test, folks"

Rep. Gary Dusenberg (R-Blue Springs) breaks the news: "pay to play" exists in the state legislature.

“Whether we admit it or not, it exists,” said Rep. Gary Dusenberg, R-Blue Springs, in an appearance before the House Committee on Government Accountability and Ethics Reform. “When people with lots of money get to say what bills are heard or not, that is not fair. These incidents do not pass the smell test, folks. You can say that they do, but they don’t.” [..]

Dusenberg is unusual in the sense that few Republicans support the restoration of [campaign contribution] limits. He is also one of the few lawmakers speaking out about the “pay to play” accusations.

“It is what it is, and we have to correct it, and if you can’t take a stand on what you believe in, you should not be here in the first place,” Dusenberg said. “It reflects on the people down here in the General Assembly.”

Dusenberg is running against Rep. Bryan Pratt (R-Blue Springs) and Rep. Will Kraus (R-Lee’s Summit) in the 8th Senate District GOP primary.



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