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Ed Emery joins the Birther Caucus

A dispatch from Tony Messenger of the Post-Dispatch:

Two Missouri state representatives today attended meetings conducted by Orly Taitz in which the California dentist questioned the validity of the presidency of Barack Obama.

Taitz alleges that Obama’s birth certificate is illegitimate, and even if it’s not, she says, he can’t be president because his father was Kenyan. She pushed her conspiracy theories and asked for money today at events in St. Charles and Jefferson City. Taitz said the Supreme Court is complicit in “illegal activity” for blocking her attempts to remove Obama from the presidency.

Rep. Cynthia Davis, R- O’Fallon, who has gotten a bit of national attention lately, was at the event in St. Charles, though she said she was just seeking information, according to a Jo Mannies blog post.

Not so for Rep. Ed Emery, R-Lamar. Emery said he questions Obama’s citizenship and he believes his alleged lack of a legitimate birth certificate ignores the Constitution.

“We’re thumbing our nose at the Constitution,” Emery said. He and Taitz allege that Obama’s certificate of live birth isn’t the same as a birth certificate.

The theory of the false birth certificate has been thoroughly de-bunked by numerous non-partisan groups. But Taitz argues that all of those groups are controlled by Obama...

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