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Ed Martin and Anti-Cures Group Cut and Run After Judge Blasts Them

Taxpayers will have at least a brief respite from Ed Martin's serial nuisance litigation against state officials.

Last week, the Cole County Court dismissed Martin's lawsuit on behalf of anti-stem cell zealots, calling it "without merit, and ris[ing] to the level of being frivolous."

Apparently unnerved by the judicial spanking, Martin had his legal team quickly dismiss three other lawsuits by his front group, the so-called "Missouri Roundtable for Life."

  • A case pending in the Supreme Court challenging the Life Sciences Trust Fund
  • Two appeals on anti-cures initiative petitions pending in the Western District Court of Appeals.

Martin's 0-4 week must have his funders wondering what they are getting for their money.  Taxpayers had the same question when Martin was on the government payroll.  



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