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Ed Martin Joins In On Euthanasia and Abortion Misinformation

 MO GOP Chairman Emeritus Ed Martin just posted the following craziness to his "Circular Letter" website, which originally ran in the St. Louis Metro Evening Whirl last week.

"Getting It Right" by Ed Martin
Democrat Health Plan = Abortion and Euthanasia

[..] Let's talk about two provisions in the bill: the provision that mandates "end of life" counseling and the provision that requires abortion paid for by tax dollars.

The Democrat health care reform includes government paid "end of life counseling." This sounds innocent enough at first; counseling people on living wills, advanced directives, and end of life decision-making is laudable. The problem is in the details. The bill mandates payments to physicians to counsel on end of life AND it sets a priority on cost-containment and savings. Even liberal columnists - from and the Washington Post for example - admit that the combination of end of life and cost containment leads you to one place: euthanasia. Cut costs by ending grandma's meds or care.

Martin, of course, is completely wrong. The Democratic health care reform plans do not equal abortion and euthanasia. 

You can read his full column here. 



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