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Even "Die-Hard Conservatives" Concerned About Hartzler's Qualifications

The Star's Yael T. Abouhalkah includes this bit of anonymous Vicky Hartzler bashing in his latest post about John Aschcroft's last-minute endorsement:

As Ashcroft undoubtedly knows, Hartzler doesn’t have the qualifications to be a great spokeswoman for the Republican Party, should she win on Tuesday.

Indeed, as I’ve heard now from not one but two local leading conservatives in the last two weeks, Hartzler doesn’t have much to say when asked about the issues. Instead, she relies on simple-minded talking points - cut taxes, cut waste, stop Obamacare - without knowing what she could actually do to improve America.

But those die-hard conservatives are just telling me what I already know, based on Hartzler’s disastrous appearance before the Editorial Board recently.

Regarding that Editorial Board meeting, Abouhalkah wrote the following:

Listening to Vicky Hartzler campaign for Congress brings new meaning to the words “empty vessel.”

The candidate for Missouri’s 4th Congressional district should have a great shot at knocking off the old, tired-looking Democratic incumbent Ike Skelton in this “Year of the GOP candidate.”

Yet even many Republicans are embarrassed when they hear Hartzler speak.

She says, to be blunt, nothing.

She wants to cut the budget, but has absolutely no clue about what big federal programs she would scale back...

Hartzler was asked a number of other questions about her stands on issues, and almost every answer was a vapid, by-the-book, ultra-conservative answer.

It was excruciating to hear, especially when there are intelligent Republican candidates out there who have actually thought about why they want to run for office, have detailed responses on how they would like to reduce the federal budget and who offer well-constructed reasons for GOP positions.



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