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GOP to Wall Street Lobbyists: Roy Blunt Will Fight For You

  At an American Bankers Association government relations summit this week, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) told an "enthusiastic crowd" that electing Roy Blunt to the U.S. Senate "would help immensely" in their effort to block meaningful financial reform.  Reuters:

Also at the conference, attendees told Republican Senator Richard Shelby they view as unfair the Obama administration's proposal to set up a new government watchdog for financial consumers that would protect Americans from deceptive credit cards and abusive mortgage loans.

Asked what bankers could do to change the agenda, Shelby said, "What you can do is elect more Republicans to the U.S. Senate, that would help immensely." He asked each of the attendees to send $10,000 to Roy Blunt, a former House leader who is now running for Senate as a Republican in Missouri.

It sure is nice of Shelby to make it plain for us: Roy Blunt will look out for the Wall Street bankers, not the citizens who need protection from greedy and unethical Wall Street bankers.


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