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GOP Elections Director: "Clear That Martin Had Lost Fair and Square"

While sore loser Ed Martin tries to raise money with his bogus claims of fraud in Tuesday's election, the Beacon picks up on Peter Kinder's interview with local radio personality and all-around silly person Dana Loesch, first noted here yesterday:

Martin, a Tea Party favorite, is currently behind by 4,400 votes, and has raised questions about possible irregularities in St. Louis. Martin formerly had been chairman of the city's Election Board.

Kinder, reflecting his role as party powerbroker, isn't going along with Martin's call. While praising Martin's performance, Kinder said, "Ed Martin clearly did not get it done in St. Louis County, and we're clearly taking note of that."

Kinder went even further in an appearance with radio talk show host (and Tea Party activist) Dana Loesch, saying on the air that he had talked with city GOP elections director Scott Leiendecker, and that it was clear that Martin had lost fair and square.



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