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Graves: There Wouldn't Be Any Oil Gushing Into The Gulf of Mexico If We Were Drilling in ANWR

Rep. Sam Graves has been thinkin' real hard about the oil gushing into Gulf of Mexico, and has found the root cause of the disaster: We're not drilling in ANWR.  No, seriously

Like many of you, I’ve been following the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. This tragic environmental disaster is partly the result of America’s unworkable energy plan. We wouldn’t need to drill hundreds of miles off the coast, in thousands of feet of water if we had access to fossil fuel deposits located onshore in the United States.

The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska is a perfect example of how we can drill safely and in an environmentally responsibly way on land we already control...

Because of self-imposed onshore drilling limitations, America is more dependent than ever on foreign sources of energy. The only way we can become less dependent on overseas oil is to develop American sources of energy, like ANWR and our massive reserves of oil shale in other western states. 


Is Graves really saying that we should abandon all offshore drilling because it's too dangerous, and instead we could get all the oil we need from the in-no-way-risky ANWR and oil shale mining?  I doubt it.  Say what you will about the merits and dangers of ANWR drilling, but this is a rather pathetic attempt to use the Deepwater Horizon disaster to advance a completely unrelated issue. 

Oh, and there are other ways to become less depended on foreign sources of oil, such as using less oil.


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