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House expected to debate minimum wage reduction for servers tomorrow

House Bill 258, which will cut the minimum wage for Missouri's servers from $3.52 an hour to $2.13, is expected to be debated on the House floor tomorrow.

HB 258 conflicts with Proposition B, which passed by a remarkable 76.4% in 2006. Prop B raised the minimum wage for all Missourians, including waiters and waitresses.

The average hourly wage for servers, with tips, is $7.19 in Missouri.

Some more facts on servers' wages:

  • Current hourly minimum wage for tipped employees:  $3.525
  • Minimum wage for tipped employees proposed under SB 258:  $2.13
  • Minimum wage for tipped employees 15 years ago, in 1994:  $2.13
  • Increase in the cost of living since 1994:  66%
  • Estimated number of waiters and waitresses in Missouri (2007):  53, 2401
  • Average hourly wage after tips of a waiter/waitress in Missouri (2007):  $16,780 1
  • Estimated lost wages to waiters and waitresses alone in Missouri if 258 passes:  $155,003,472 2
  • Percentage of Missourians that voted in favor of increasing minimum wage for food servers and other tipped employees in 2006:  76.4%
  • Percentage of Missouri counties that voted to raise the minimum wage for tipped employees by a margin 16 points or more:   100%



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