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On Insulting Blunt and Obama

Roy Blunt isn't happy about a batch of national and local stories late last week about his use of a joke comparing fellow conservatives in Washington to a bunch of golfers having to deal with a "monkey problem" interrupting their game.  In Blunt's mind, it was both a wise choice of allegories and an important lesson on life, meant to remind his Values Voter audience that "you can't control everything there is in life that you'd like to control."

Blunt named this blog specifically as a "disgusting" player in this coverage, and described these two posts I published Friday afternoon as prime examples of what he thinks is "race baiting."  My posts not only insulted him, Blunt said, but they were also insulting to Barack Obama.

The problems with Blunt's story seem pretty self-evident to me -- readers can watch the video of Blunt's remarks and judge for themselves. I guess I didn't get the joke.

To paraphrase another bit of metaphorical wisdom: If you can't take the heat, don't golf on the subcontinent.



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