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Irony Alert: Blunt demands health care reform details from Obama

Hours after two Washington publications detailed the failures of Roy Blunt and Republican leaders in crafting a health care reform proposal, Blunt is feigning outrage with Minority Leader John Boehner about an alleged lack of details in a new 56-page White House report.

“No report or headline can take the place of a comprehensive plan - and that is what we have yet to see from the White House,” said GOP Rep. Roy Blunt of Missouri, who leads the House Health Care Solutions Group.

The irony, of course, is that the leader who's failed most spectacularly in developing a "comprehensive plan" is Roy Blunt.  In fact, Politico reported this morning that Blunt's group is still considering whether or not they'll even bother creating a plan.

To date, the only thing Blunt's team has created is a 5-page document -- and now he audaciously complains about the lack of details in a 56-page document.  Moreover, the report that Blunt finds so insufficient isn't even supposed to be a plan -- it's called, "The Economic Case for Health Reform."

Remember that a "comprehensive plan" for health care reform is exactly what Blunt promised to create in February. 

These are the words of Blunt and Boehner in their announcement press release:

“Health care costs are too high, access is too limited, and American families and small businesses are looking to their leaders in Washington for free-market solutions, not a government-dominated health care bureaucracy,” said Boehner. “House Republicans will not be content to be ‘the party of no.’ 

“Instead, we will be the party of better solutions, and few issues demand more positive solutions than our nation’s health care crisis. Roy Blunt is uniquely qualified to chair this Task Force, which will help shape innovative House Republican health care solutions at a time when the American people need them most,” Boehner said.

“Republicans are committed to making health care more affordable, more accessible and offer more options to American families. Unfortunately, the only options we’ve seen so far from this Congress would push us to a one-size-fits-all government-run system,” Blunt said. 

“Through this working group, Republicans will develop real solutions to improve our health care system by putting patients before paperwork and frivolous lawsuits. I am honored that the Republican Leader has asked me to lead a group of talented members who I know will be active participants in this important debate,” Blunt added.

But now, after four months of producing nothing, Blunt complains: "No report or headline can take the place of a comprehensive plan." 

Give me a break.



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