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Rep. Jim Guest: The "Go-To Guy" for Victims of "Secret Electromagnetic Energy Weapons"

Rep. Jim Guest (R-King City) may have as many conspiracy theories as Orly Taitz. Yesterday, I posted a short summary of a Wired magazine article about Guest's fight against mind-altering electromagnetic radiation. Today's Post-Dispatch has even more information about Guest's efforts on behalf of a Kansas man allegedly harassed by "secret electromagnetic energy weapons," and persons similarly oppressed everywhere.

[James Walbert of Wichita] asked for a legal order of protection against a former business partner whom he claimed had “stalked myself and family members with electronic and microwave devices.”

Thanks in part to a letter of support written by Missouri state Rep. Jim Guest, R-King City, on his official stationery — and in part to the former business partner’s absence from a hearing on the allegation — Mr. Walbert got his order of protection on Dec. 30...

Mr. Guest has become something of an elder statesman for those who worry about the impending microchip threat. He appeared on a radio show Monday with the author of the Pennsylvania bill.

He’s also become the go-to guy for what he describes as “microwave and electronic harassment victims” — people targeted by nefarious forces wielding secret electromagnetic energy weapons.

His interest in the subject began three or four years ago, he says, when he was first approached by victimized citizens. One of them was Mr. Walbert.

The Post-Dispatch also points readers to a 2008 New York Times article featuring Guest and his concerns.

And the users of some [mind control conspiracy] sites have found the support of Jim Guest, a Republican state representative in Missouri, who wrote last year to his fellow legislators calling for an investigation into the claims of those who say they are being tortured by mind control.

“I’ve had enough calls, some from credible people — professors — being targeted by nonlethal weapons,” Mr. Guest said in a telephone interview, adding that nothing came of his request for a legislative investigation. “They become psychologically affected by it. They have trouble sleeping at night.”

He added: “I believe there are people who have been targeted by this. With this equipment, you have to test it on somebody to see if it works.”

Appropriately, Guest has been at least tacitly supported in his efforts by the House GOP leadership, which has named Guest the Chairman of the House Real ID and Personal Privacy Committee

If we've learned anything in the past few weeks, it's that no one is too "out there" for a position of authority in the Missouri House of Representatives. 


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