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Talent and Schweich Push the Limits of Hackery

Ever since Mitt Romney lost the Missouri primary to Rick Santorum by a 2:1 vote, Mittens' campaign has launched a number of attacks on Santorum's campaign, with Missouri native Jim Talent leading the charge.

But if you take a closer look at Talent's most recent attack on Santorum's vote on the unpaid for Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit, you'll notice that it's all sorts of hypocritical: Talent voted FOR Medicare Part D, just as Santorum did.  As if Romney needed anymore distractions, now his surrogate is being raked over the coals nationally for his hypocrisy.

It would seem to me that Mittens' flip-floppery is rubbing off on his attack dogs, since Talent is apparently willing to flip in order to attack Romney's opponents.  To me, it just smacks of desperation from a flailing campaign, especially given the new polling that shows Santorum pulling even with Romney nationally.



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