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Jones & Davis File New Wacko Birther Complaint in Federal Court; Guernsey Drops Out

Rep. Casey Guernsey (R-Bethany) may have had enough, but House GOP leaders Tim Jones and Cynthia Davis are still fighting the good stupid birther fight in the federal courts.

New court documents filed yesterday show that Davis and Jones are holding firm to their debunked/discredited conspiracy theories about Barack Obama's citizenship. Guernsey was previously listed as a plaintiff in Chief Birther Orly Taitz' lawsuit against Obama, but is not a part of the latest filing.

It's a "constitutional crisis" with "major national security ramifications," Jones and Davis allege.

Plaintiffs contend that there is Constitutional crisis as a result of their continuing uncertainty (and that of many others) concerning the constitutional qualifications of the commander in chief: to put it simply, if the people have no right under the Constitution to secure simple and enforceable rights, such as the right to have a natural born citizen as Commander-in-Chief, then it is obvious that the letter of the constitution is all but null and void.

This constitutional crisis, in turn, has major national security ramifications arising from the question of whether a constitutionally unqualified President can issue valid orders as a matter of International and Domestic law.

Jones, Davis and Taitz are also very concerned about Obama's multiple addresses and fraudulent social security numbers, and are hoping that the RICO statutes will be s.

Plaintiffs have accumulated several dossiers of evidence against Barack Hussein Obama which suggest, in addition to the multiple addresses and social security numbers described above, that the President and his allies and some of the co-defendants in this case may have committed, or still be in the process of committing, some fairly serious violations of U.S. law, especially the provisions of titles 18 and 42.

One of favorite parts of the filing is how it's dated.  It's Bastille Day, y'all!


It sure is nice to Jones and Davis -- ostensibly proud guardians of our tax dollars -- wasting a lot of time and money with this nonsense. 

Read the whole complaint here. It's really a sight to behold. I'm sure Timothy Jones, Esquire, especially proud of the fine lawyering contained therein.

Amended Birther Complaint



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