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Judge Blocks Cunningham's Teacher Facebook Law and Nixon Calls for Repeal

State Senator Jane Cunningham's law prohibiting forms of teacher/student communication on Facebook and other social media sites was dealt two very significant blows today.  

Cole County Circuit Court Judge John Beetem issued an order blocking the provision from going into effect. 

In his ruling, Beetem called the breadth of the social-media restrictions in the bill "staggering."

He noted that the law -- as written -- would prohibit communication between family members and their teacher parents on social media. Moreover, evidence produced at a preliminary hearing found that social media is often the primary method for teachers to communicate with students. Beetem found that enforcement of such a restriction would have a "chilling effect on speech."

And the AP reported that Governor Jay Nixon called for the General Assembly to repeal the social media provision during the special legislative session slated for September 6th. 



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