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KC Star: GOP plan is "another harebrained attempt to wreak havoc with the state’s judiciary"

In this morning's Star:

This year’s scheme for altering the way judges are selected is among the worst yet. It sets the stage for prolonged political feuding and threatens to weaken the independence and quality of Missouri’s bench...

The House has proposed a constitutional amendment that would give politicians too much say over how judges are nominated. The commission makeup would be changed so the governor could appoint more members than the lawyers’ bar would elect. Currently, the number is equal.

The Missouri Senate would have to confirm commission members — raising the prospect of prolonged and unnecessary partisan squabbles...

Missouri House members clearly are willing to compromise the quality of the state’s judiciary to score points with groups that want judges to heed their special interests. That’s a distressing realization.

The Senate must stop this bungled attempt to alter judicial selection. If it doesn’t, the state’s voters will form the final defense against a bad idea.

For more on the subject, check out Jason Rosenbaum's coverage (with video!) of GOP efforts to push through the hyperpartisan plan here.



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