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Kinder Changes Course on Lawsuit (Again), Now Promises To Sue Alongside "Individual Citizen Plaintiffs"

Following up on this morning's post, Lt. Gov Peter Kinder told Joplin station KOAM yesterday that "we're bring [our lawsuit] on behalf of individual citizen plaintiffs," which he hopes will allow him to raise "unique constitutional claims." Watch it:

Kinder fails to mention that his original intention was to sue on behalf of Missouri.  His Chief of Staff, Rich AuBuchon, even told reporters that he could represent the State of Missouri by himself. Later, Team Kinder backed away from that assertion, and stated repeatedly that Kinder would be suing in his official capacity. In fact, Kinder has even said he has a "statutory obligation" to file the suit.

The KOAM story does not say who Kinder has brought on board to make his "unique constitutional claims."

Clearly, this shift in strategy indicates that Kinder is worried about his standing to sue in federal court.  Compare yesterday's statements to his previous bloviating.

Furthermore, official press releases issued April 7 and April 21 make it clear that Kinder's suit was originally imagined to be all about Kinder in his official capacity, not "individual citizen plaintiffs."



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