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Kinder continues to misrepresent the MIAC report

image David Catanese has posted video of an interview conducted yesterday with Peter Kinder, and it illustrates precisely what I was trying describe yesterday.

Catanese: The Nixon Administration points out that it [the MIAC report] does not target Christians. It targets Christian Identity, which, according the to Anti Defamation League, is a anti-Semitic, racist group that has been involved in violent actions. Eric Rudolph, the Atlanta...

Kinder: They should be watched.

Catanese: So you're not saying that the [MIAC] report targets Christians. Or are you?  In your reading of the report.

Kinder: I'm saying it could be read that way, and we need more answers on how this got focused on one side of the political spectrum.

Kinder is definitely saying that the report targets Christians.  He said it just moments earlier (see Catanese's first video from the same post). Reading the MIAC report, and then watching Kinder's responses, one can only conclude that: (1) Kinder still hasn't read the report, (2) he's completely misinformed about the Christian Identity movement, and hasn't bothered to do some homework, or (3) is intentionally misrepresenting the report to stoke the flames.

image For Kinder's reference, this is the only mention of the word Christian in the entire report, as published by Bungalow Bill:

Christian Identity: Religious ideology popular in extreme right-wing circles. Adherents believe that whites of European descendants can be traced back to the "Lost Tribes of Israel." Many consider Jews to be the satanic offspring of Eve and the Serpent, while non-whites are "mud people" created before Adam and Eve.

That's the only reference I see. How could this passage "be read" to mean Christians? 

For more information about the Christian Identity movement, visit The Anti Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center have pretty detailed reports.  Or Wikipedia. Or Google.



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