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Kinder: "Too Weak to Lead"

It's hard to feel bad about this when Peter Kinder worked so hard to stoke the flames on the MIAC report:

The Missouri Libertarian Party asks how Mr. Kinder expects to lead our state when he cannot lead his own party to honor his call for an investigation into the now-defunct “strategic memo” that outraged Missourians...

If Peter Kinder cannot lead his own party on something with overwhelming public support, how does he expect to lead Missouri as governor?

Too weeks ago, the Libertarian Party was lauding a "peaceful resolution" to the MIAC controversy.  Now they're "fuming" over the lack of legislative hearings on the matter. (They also think that Kinder "said the right things" in his MIAC editorial series -- I think there's a pretty strong case that he did not.)

Desperate for some relevance in the public sphere, the Libertarian Party needs to keep this controversy going. But with a more complete understanding of how and when the controversial report was createdlegislative hearings seem unlikely.

An odd turn of events for Kinder.



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