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Lager Unsure If DNR Is Full of Deadbeats or Overaggressive Activists

I'm a little confused by Sen. Brad Lager's (R-Savannah) competing -- and seemingly contradictory -- criticisms of the Department of Natural Resources.

In his still-not-complete committee investigation of water testing issues, Lager is essentially arguing that DNR is hopelessly asleep at the wheel and unable to protect the public.  Meanwhile, he's standing up for corporate pork producer Premium Standard Farms as it struggles to meet state the requirements of a 1999 judgment to reduce the environmental impact of its facilities.  Lager is accusing the Department of pushing the corporation "to the brink" by expecting the company to live up to its end of the bargain and reduce its pollution.

So is DNR full of deadbeats?  Or overaggressive activists?  Or both or neither, depending on the political agenda of the day? 



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