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Lauber: Tea Partiers Angry With Washington Republicans For "Runaway Spending"

Dave Drebes has the details on Liz Lauber's economic policy platform over at The Arch City Chronicle. Lauber, a former Congressional staffer for Republican Congressmen Dick Armey and Christopher Cox, has outlines her free market proposals in the plan and doesn't have a lot of nice things to say about Obama or Democratic leaders.  She also doesn't mince words about the record of the GOP leaders from the Bush years.

And contrary to popular perception perpetuated by the elites in politics and media, these [tea party] protesters are not just angry at the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress; they don't trust the Republicans in Congress either. And why should they after seeing the runaway spending that was racked up under the former Republican-controlled Congress?

I'm still amazed that anyone thinks Todd Akin isn't quite conservative enough, but what do I know? 

Click here for Drebes' post on Lauber's economic proposals.




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