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Lembke: God Wanted Mayer Instead of Engler

Jim Lembke, R-God's Team

Check out this nugget from The Pathway about how God decided that Sen. Rob Mayer (R-Dexter) should be President Pro Tem next year instead of Sen. Kevin Engler (R-Farmington).

The senators were tied 13-13 several times before they drew lots. The tie was then broken in dramatic fashion. The choice of Mayer at that point and by that means was viewed by some to be supernatural.

“Man was unable to pick the leader of our Senate,” said Sen. Jim Lembke, R-St. Louis. “It was the Providential hand of God.”

And you thought that Senate Republicans had just turned over the fate of the 2011 session to chance!

The Pathway is also advertising a prayer gathering in January to supplement God's whip operation and make sure that God's Candidate for President Pro Tem makes it through the final vote. 

Hypothetically, if Engler were to try to cobble together the eight Democrat votes plus 10 from the Republican side, one of the large obstacles in his way would be the lack of a secret ballot, sources said. Another political dynamic that would work against such an attempt would be the behind-the-scenes presence of large conservative contributors in Missouri who would frown upon the prospect of a Republican/Democrat ruling coalition in the 2011 Senate, sources said.

The likely end game, sources said, would be for Mayer to win by drawing anywhere from 18-26 votes cast in favor of him (plus any Democrat votes) so that he may be positioned as a leader in the Republican mainstream. This would also be the easiest pathway for Republicans to maintain unity, as opposed to falling into a trap where they would be divided. Lastly, Missouri Baptists will be gathering at Concord Baptist Church on the morning of the Senate president pro tem vote to pray for, among other things, Christian harmony, order, and justice in the Senate. In that context, the Nov. 4 vote for Mayer, which was conducted in accordance with Senate rules that included the Biblical method of drawing lots, is sure to be a prayerful consideration among the citizenry present in the sanctuary that day.

The Pathway is the official news outlet of the Missouri Baptist Convention.



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