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Lloyd Smith’s Unconvincing Kinder Damage Control E-Mail to Prominent Republicans

A source was kind enough to pass along an e-mail from Missouri Republican Party Executive Director Lloyd Smith that has been circulating amongst Missouri Republicans. In the e-mail, Smith makes a weak attempt at playing damage control on the Peter Kinder stripper saga.  

A few things that you should note: 1. Kinder and Smith can’t even agree on what he was drinking at Verlin’s. Was it wine like Kinder claims or "7 Up and Tonic" as Smith wrote in his e-mail?

2. Every citation in the e-mail relies on the often criticized faux-journalism of Andrew Breitbart’s

3. Smith's main theory behind who is pushing the story has been denied and debunked.

For those interested in some pretty weak and unconvincing arguments, read the entire Smith e-mail after the break:

To: Key Republican Officials
From: Lloyd Smith, Executive Director Missouri Republican Party
RE: Review of allegations against the Lt. Governor

We wanted to share the results of our findings with you so you can be fully informed on this story and share the facts with others in the party or constituents who look to you for advice or information on political issues.

After receiving information from the Lt. Governor’s campaign and a thorough review of facts, it seems clear that the allegations recently reported are the work of clever manipulation by Democrat operatives in coordination with Democrat John Ross, a former Democrat candidate for Congress and occasional contributor for the Riverfront Times. We believe Ross is the key figure manipulating Tammy Chapman and providing information to the media and Democrat operatives.

The Kinder campaign shared as background to the media several critical facts that were ignored in their biased and unrelenting rush to embarrass another major Republican candidate. Some in the liberal media are taking advantage of the political climate and the public’s general dissatisfaction with elected officials to drive any story angle no matter how unsubstantiated to hurt Republicans.

The question before us, can Lt. Governor Kinder win. While this is a temporary setback for the Party’s efforts to retake the Governor’s Mansion, it shows the desperation of the Democratic campaign organization to throw everything they can at Kinder 15 months before the election. Historically, Kinder continues to outraise other candidates who successfully challenged incumbent Governors, while Nixon raised only about half of what Governor Matt Blunt did during the same period.

Nixon’s hard re-election numbers show him as extremely vulnerable. As the election nears Nixon will be forced to defend why our state unemployment is higher than most of our neighboring states and Missouri had the 3rd worst job loss rate in the country last year. In June, a U.S. Chamber of Commerce study analyzing competitiveness showed Missouri performed the worst of any state. A July report from CoreLogic showed that, in the past year, home prices fell faster in St Louis and Kansas City than any other cities in the U.S. Another July study ranked Missouri first among the states in which white collar jobs are disappearing.

Recently a national blog started breaking the story on this unfortunate hoax.

“Based upon research and exclusive documentation provided to Big Government, it’s believed that dated allegations of sexually aggressive behavior by former Penthouse Pet and stripper Tammy Chapman against prospective Republican gubernatorial candidate, Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder, do not hold up under scrutiny.”

This is our analysis:

* Democrats have been trying for several years to get the press to report Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, who is single, went to an adult entertainment club 17 years ago.

* Lt. Governor Peter Kinder was not a frequent visitor to a strip club.

* Lt. Governor Peter Kinder made no offer to Ms. Chapman to stay at a campaign apartment.

* There is no proof the Lt. Governor’s behavior was inappropriate to Ms. Chapman.

Democrats have been trying for several years to get the press to report Lt. Governor Peter Kinder, who is single, went to an adult entertainment club 17 years ago. The first attempt to use this story surfaced back during Peter’s re-election campaign 3 years ago where Democrat Sam Page’s operatives had poster boards with the entertainers’ picture and a sentence stating “who is this woman?” The same exact picture was taken by and is still on a website/blog belonging to a former Democrat Congressional Candidate John Ross, a close friend of the entertainer who at times has been a contributing columnist to the Riverfront Times.

‘The claims were initially raised three years ago when Kinder ran for Lt. Governor but were mostly ignored by the media for lack of substance. It appears a recent cellphone photo of Chapman and Kinder together, one requested by Chapman and taken with her cellphone in a restaurant where she was waitressing at the time, may have provided what appeared to be a valid news hook to re-assert the old attack.”

It was the Riverfront Times who first published the picture of Peter and this woman. She claimed that she has no idea how it got to the Riverfront Times got the picture because she destroyed it. Democrat John Ross claimed he saw it was sent to Kinder and only to Kinder. She claims Kinder provided it directly or indirectly to the Riverfront Times. When asked to provide proof she claims her phone was hacked and she no record exists provide any record. Staff of the Lt. Governor who maintains his email can find no record of any picture. Chapman, realizing this dilemma was proof positive her story was false, changed her story and then claimed the picture was taken on the Lt. Governor’s phone.

“Miraculously, the photo then just happened to turn up in an alt weekly on August 9th, one also closely tied to Democrats, the Riverfront Times. Yet she insists she didn’t share the photo with anyone, instead immediately deleting it after initially requesting it from Kinder. It’s unclear why she would request a personal photo for no apparent purpose, other than to email it only to Kinder, then immediately delete it.”

As the story broke Nixon’s chief fundraiser was emailing these false allegations to potential donors. Lt. Governor Peter Kinder was not a frequent visitor to a strip club. Chapman claimed 17 years ago Kinder would come to the club every Monday and Wednesday night. Yet after reviewing attendance records in the Missouri Senate, Kinder was in Jefferson City every Monday and Wednesday night. Public records show him attending Jefferson City events, voting and attending Committee hearings Lt. Governor Peter Kinder made no offer to her to stay at a campaign apartment.

The River Front Times report claims the two saw each other this winter where Peter offered the apartment to her. Yet the apartment wasn’t leased until March and wasn’t furnished until April. The apartment is occupied almost nightly with one or more staffers. It was widely reported Kinder’s campaign had a small apartment in St. Louis. What was not reported is it is for the use of staff and only occasionally for Lt. Governor Kinder.

There is no proof Lt. Governor Peter Kinder behavior was inappropriate to Ms. Chapman. Ms. Chapman claimed she never had an affair with Kinder, had not talked to Kinder in 16 years and her only contact was in a restaurant she worked at several months ago for approximately one hour. She further claimed that she approached him, he did not approach her and he was not intoxicated drinking only a “Tonic and Seven-Up.” And he never talked to her or attempted to contact her after that. Her behavior is inconsistent with her own claims. She admitted when she saw Peter Kinder walk into a restaurant she approached him, he did not approach her. She left her post to sit next to him and asked him to take a picture with her then encouraged him to visit her at another restaurant she worked by giving him a free drink card.

Later she sought his friendship on Facebook. “Also, along with providing him a free drink coupon, she even encouraged him to visit her at another restaurant, Park West Grille. That’s hardly the type of behavior one would expect from a waitress with regard to a man who physically hurt her in the past, one allegedly so obsessed with her sixteen years ago she says she passed up alleged heavy tips from him then to disassociate herself.”

“That doesn’t jibe with it suddenly becoming irrelevant this past winter when Kinder happened in to a restaurant where she was then employed. If anything, one would think she would have ignored him during the winter encounter, or asked another waitress to serve his table, if need be.”

“That Chapman suddenly wanted a casual friendly photo as a remembrance of someone who allegedly once all but sexually assaulted her, causing her physical harm, one she allegedly recently called “creepy,” is only one aspect of Chapman’s story that doesn’t sound the least bit plausible.”

“Additionally, documentation provided to Big Government includes a forwarded Facebook notification, see below, indicating that Chapman requested Kinder add her as a friend on Facebook on June 2, 2011,just two months before the allegations re-surfaced, but long after the Winter restaurant encounter took place. That means Chapman requested to be linked to Kinder’s Facebook page months after allegedly having concluded he, in her words, “isn’t fit for public office,” while also insisting she has no real interest in politics.”

“A more likely scenario would be that long after the meeting and as the potential race began to come into focus, she either realized, or it was suggested to her, that linking up with Kinder on Facebook would provide yet one more association with Kinder potentially to help fuel the story. Nothing else really makes much sense under the circumstances.”

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