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Luetkemeyer Repeats False $1,700/Year Claim About Climate Legislation

Just when I begin to wonder where Blaine Luetkemeyer has been in recent days, he emerges to regurgitate more false data about the cap and trade bill before Congress. His office released a statement about the climate legislation today as the debate begins to heat up again in the Senate:

The Senate bill demonstrates once again the Majority’s obvious disregard for the plight of American families who would have to shell out at least $1,700 a year in additional taxes to pay for this flawed approach.

As I noted when Roy Blunt first made this claim (he said $1,761/year), it's patently false.

Politifact broke it down two weeks ago:

[The] statement that households will pay $1,761 in new taxes every year is based on a blogger's incorrect assumptions and overly simple math. The estimate does not account for revenue that will be returned to consumers in the form of rebates and other efficiency measures. Furthermore, the number is based on old numbers; the Treasury estimate was written on the premise that all permits would be sold, which, ultimately, is not the form that the Waxman-Markey legislation has taken. Finally, both [Sen. Lamar] Alexander and [CBS News Blogger] McCullagh portray money raised by selling these permits as a tax. We rate Alexander's claim False.

Here are some more reasonable estimates of what the legislation will cost:

Seriously: Why can't Luetkemeyer be honest in this debate? 



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