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MIAC grandstanding continues to haunt Kinder

It's somewhat odd that we're learning about previously poo-poo'd MIAC hearings in the House from the Libertarian Party, but Speaker Ron Richard has apparently named a "special interim committee" to investigate the much-discussed MIAC "Modern Militia" report. The Party has an obvious interest in dragging this controversy out as long as possible, but Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder has been silent on the issue in recent weeks. It's not hard to see why -- there isn't much to investigate, and the more we learned about the creation of the report, the more uncomfortable it became for Kinder and the GOP establishment.  

After watching Kinder willfully misrepresent the report's contents again and again, it's hard to feel bad when the outrage he helped foment is redirected at him:

“In contrast to Lt. Governor Peter Kinder’s grandiose statements and rhetoric in his press conference last month, he’s nowhere to be found on actually delivering the solution to this problem. Despite his skillfully taking a public bow for the hard work of others, it should be pointed out that Mr. Kinder contributed nothing to this effort other than empty words.

“It’s important for the public to know the difference between those who merely talked about leading, like Lt. Governor Kinder, and those who truly led, like Representatives Schoeller, Molendorp, Dixon, Kelley and Guest.”

Fightin’ words, indeed.

To be fair, though, Kinder isn't really talking about anything of substance these days. The Libertarians shouldn't take it personally.



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