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Missouri Democratic Reps Ask DOJ to Review Voter Photo ID Laws

Democrats in the United States House of Representatives sent a letter to the United States Department of Justice requesting that they look into new laws that require voters to possess photo identification in order to cast a ballot. Missouri Governor Jay Nixon vetoed voter photo ID legislation earlier this summer because it would put the voting rights of hundreds of thousands of Missourians at risk. 

Here is an excerpt from the House Democrats' letter:

Approximately 11 percent of voting-age citizens in the country -- or more than 20 million individuals -- lack government-issued photo identification. We urge you to protect the voting rights of Americans by using the full power of the Department of Justice to review these voter identification bills and scrutinize their implementation.

The Voting Rights Act vests significant authority in the Department to ensure laws are not implemented in a discriminatory manner... [T]he Department should exercise vigilance in overseeing whether these laws are implemented in a way that discriminates against protected clauses in violation of Section 2 of the Voting Rights Act.

.Missouri Democratic Representatives Russ Carnahan, Lacy Clay and Emanuel Cleaver all signed the letter.  

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