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MO Roundtable's Frivolous Legal Complaints Dismissed... Again

A federal lawsuit filed by the Missouri Roundtable for Life in December against Secretary of State Robin Carnahan and Auditor Susan Montee was dismissed today, surprising no one.  "There is no indication whatsoever that Plaintiffs were denied adequate process," the decision reads, and "claims alleging...constitutional violations must be dismissed."

The federal complaint is just that latest manifestation of frivolous and wasteful activity undertaken by the Roundtable, lead until recently by one Ed Martin.  In January 2009, Martin told an audience of Roundtable supporters that a main purpose of their many legal actions, "to be candid, is nuisance." (Listen to audio of Martin's comments here.)  Martin's nuissance approach certainly garnered press attention, but it did not impress the Cole County judge who first heard the complaints that were dismissed today by a federal judge.  Last June, Judge Patricia Joyce wrote the following about the Roundtable's lawsuit against Carnahan, Montee and Attorney Chris Koster:

Plaintiffs' arguments of conspiracy and constitutional violations fail as a matter of law, are without merit, and rise to the level of being frivolous.

The obvious disregard for taxpayer resources from Roundtable's and Ed Martin has not been limited to lawsuits.  The organization filed a whopping 30 ballot initiatives over a twenty month span in 2008 and 2009. 

Today's order dismissing the suit may be found below the break.



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