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News-Leader "Fed Up" With Billy Long's Lack of Common Sense

Billy Long got a pretty good (and deserved) earful about his refusal to support raising the debt ceiling from the Springfield News-Leader Editorial Board today. Thankfully, it sounds like he has brought his rhetoric more in line with reality. He even admitted, "We need to get it done."

The last few paragraphs of the editorial make it obvious that Billy Long's "fed up" act is starting to wear thin. 

Common sense tells you we should not play games with the country's credit rating by defaulting on our obligations.

Common sense tells you we should pay our bills -- and not just the priorities that Long has suggested: Social Security, Medicare, troop payments and other funds for national security.

Common sense tells you it's time to make a deal with Obama and the Democrats, and we think Long's job is to work toward the best possible compromise, not take an absolutist position.

Being "fed up" is wearing thin.



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