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Nieves Announces Legal Fund "To Fight The Machine's False Accusations"

Brian Nieves announced the creation of the "Brian Nieves Special Fund"  to "FIGHT the Machine's False accusations!" this afternoon on Facebook.

Monday, Nieves explained what the "Special Fund" is all about: 

I was Very Reluctant to set the account up but after ssooo many people said I'd be crazy not to ... We decided to do it! Our expenses are already in the thousands! Checks can be made out to Brian Nieves Special Fund and mailed to P.O. Box 1026 Washington, Mo. 63090 Please know we are NOT rolling over on our back like a submissive dog about this! We are indeed fighting back because what they are doing to me, they WILL do to others if WE let them win but WE will NOT let them win! Please invest with us as you can so we can bring these King Makers, Power Brokers and their Political machine DOWN!!



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