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Nieves Responds

I emailed Brian Nieves last week asking him to explain his radio and Facebook smearing of his constituent, Tom Smith, asking him if (a) it's appropriate to call constituents "sub-human" and other names, (b) what he meant by "there is only ONE Way to deal" with people like Smith and (c) whether he saw himself as a role model for youth in his community. 

Here's what he said, via Facebook

Thnx Sean... If I have to explain to you why it's wrong for a man to tell the world when another man's children will be home alone, I'm afraid you wouldn't understand anyway. I've been Extremely clear that it was not his criticism of me that I find Sub-Human but instead it is his disregard for the safety of my family. Anyway, I'm not sure why I've even wasted this much time responding to you because you've already proven you just won't ever "Get it." I see from your picture that you may be a Father? Tell me this .... If you ever become a well know, public figure - will you want people to tell the world exactly when you will be out of state?



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