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Nodler: Women Serving In Combat Jeopardize The "Goals of the U.S. Military"

State Sen. Gary Nodler (R-Joplin) followed up with the Post-Dispatch's Tony Messenger about his great column in today's paper, to clarify his concern for Iraqi and Afghani sensibilities regarding homosexuals and women serving openly in the Armed Forces.  

He is indeed very concerned that repealing the federal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy will jeopardize the safety of Americans here and abroad. He is also concerned that allowing women to serve in combat is similarly offensive and dangerous. 

Asked — as he was at the hearing — how that philosophy [trying not to offend Iraqi and Afghani sensibilities] applies to women already serving in combat, Nodler suggested that might be a problem, also.

“I agree that is happening now [women serving in combat in Afghanistan and Iraq]," Nodler said. “But I am not certain that is advancing the goals of the U.S. military.”

What is it, 1910? 

Given the apparently dangerous policies we have regarding women in the military, and Nodler's desire to be a member of Congress soon, I expect that he'll be releasing some specific proposals in the coming days explaining exactly how America should be turning back the clock to a more simplistic, small-minded time. 



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