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Mistaken Identity

Boone Co. resident J. Karl Miller's op-ed calling for VOTER ID in Missouri confuses the issues surrounding this year's proposed PHOTO ID law.  I couldn't agree more that Voter ID is necessary for fair elections and that's why Missouri already HAS commonsense voter ID laws in place.  Like a lot of people supporting HJR 9, Mr. Miller confuses current voter ID requirements with restrictive government-issued photo ID proposals that have been floating around the legislature for several years now.

Mr. Miller goes on to sight that rampant frequency of voter fraud hypothetical voter impersonation fraud as a reason to require photo ID, and in effect disenfranchise 230,000 voters.  He then goes on to equate the constitutional RIGHT to vote the same way as boarding a plane to Vegas or renting "Harold and Kumar Go to Whitecastle" as being one and the same as voting for the next President.

It's time that folks get their facts straight and understand that photo ID requirements threaten our access to to the ballot. 



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