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PPP: McCaskill Up Four, Nixon Up Eight, Montee Down One, Obama Down Eight

Public Policy Polling:

"PPP's final Missouri poll finds Claire McCaskill holding on to a narrow lead over Todd Akin, 48-44. Libertarian Jonathan Dine is polling at 6%. Since our last poll two weeks ago McCaskill's gained 2 points, while Akin's seen a 4 point increase in his support...

The Senate race is definitely where the excitement is for Missouri on Tuesday night. After being the closest state in the Presidential contest in 2008 it looks like it will be a blowout this year, with Mitt Romney leading Barack Obama 53/45. Obama is very unpopular in the state with only 41% of voters approving of him to 53% who disapprove. Romney has a 52/40 favorability rating. Key to Romney's advantage is a 57/38 lead among independents.

The race for Governor doesn't look like it will be terribly competitive either. Democratic incumbent Jay Nixon leads Republican challenger Dave Spence 53-45. The race has tightened in the closing stretch but Nixon is still taking 14% of Republicans while losing only 4% of Democrats, and he has a 53/42 lead with independents. Nixon continues to be among the more popular Governors in the country with a 51/31 approval spread.



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