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Quote of the Day

Tom Delay, Roy Blunt and Sen. John Cornyn in 2005.

"He is traveling the state, engaging voters, and offering solutions to the economic, health care, and education needs facing Show Me State voters." ~ Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) today, announcing the NRSC endorsement of Roy Blunt.

Cornyn may not be aware of this, but Roy Blunt hasn't actually offered any solutions to the economic, health care or education needs of Missouri.  Blunt's budget bill didn't have any numbers, his health care plan memo is just four pages of bullets, and Blunt has said almost zero about education.

That said, it's not like anyone expects him to give an honest assessment of Blunt's very long list of vulnerabilities and failures. Still, it's significant that Cornyn and the NRSC have thrown the full force of the Washington, DC establishment behind Blunt's candidacy.

p.s. Is it any wonder that Blunt hasn't updated the "News" section on his website since February 20? 

Image credit: NY Times



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