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Race to the Bottom: Akin and Steelman "Basically Tied"

Even more data from Public Policy Polling: 


There would be no clear favorite to start out if the principal Republican candidates for Senate in Missouri end up being Todd Akin and Sarah Steelman. Akin polls at 29% right now with Steelman at 28%, Ed Martin at 9%, and John Brunner at 6%. 

Akin is stronger with center and center right Republican voters. With moderates he leads Steelman 26-23 and with voters describing themselves as 'somewhat conservative' he has a 33-25 advantage. The largest segment of the GOP electorate though is those describing themselves as 'very conservative,' and Steelman earns the overall tie by holding a 32-28 advantage with that group...

Also, a whopping 38% of MO Republicans are still birthers, which isn't suprising when you consider the actions of Sen. Roy Blunt, House Majority Floor Leader [Speker] Tim Jones and other GOP leaders to propagate birther nonsense. 

Full results here.



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