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Rep. Cynthia Davis joins Timothy Jones in Birther conspiracy lawsuit

It appears that Rep. Cynthia Davis wants to join Rep. Timothy Jones as a plaintiff in a lawsuit challenging Barack Obama's citizenship.

Davis and Jones subscribe to a right-wing conspiracy theory alleging that Obama is actually an Indonesian man named Barry Soetoro (no joke). Right-wing Republicans have been obsessed with Obama's birth certificate and citizenship for a long time, but their half-baked ideas have been shot down again and again. (A great summary of the Birther movement and the embarrassment they're causing the Republican Party can be found here on

The main lawyer for the lawsuit, Dr. Orly Taitz, has posted emails from Reps. Davis and Jones stating their intention to join her suit.  Taitz's letter of invitation letter to Davis and Jones describes Barack Obama Barry Soetoro as an "illegitimate Commander in Chief" and recycles the many discredited conspiracies about Obama's birth.

And believe it or not, there are at least 15 other members of the Missouri House on the Birther bandwagon, even if they haven't gotten around to suing the President yet. Representatives Robert Cooper, Dan Brown, Rick Stream, Mike Lair, Shane Schoeller, Dwight Scharnhorst, Barney Fisher, Jason Brown, Mike Mcghee, Walt Bivins, Doug Funderburk, Brian Nieves, Doug Ervin, Bob Nance, and Don Wells are on the same crazy train.

True story.



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