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Republicans Want to Hike Taxes on 99.8% of Americans

It's a little known fact that the best thing to talk about on a Wednesday afternoon is payroll taxes, so let's dive right in.

In Washington, Senate Democrats - including Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill - are preparing to hold a vote on extending the payroll tax cut that affects millions upon millions of America's working families, but as you can imagine, they're facing some stiff opposition.  I'll give you three guesses as to what that opposition is, and the first two don't count.  Here goes:

  1. Republicans, like Roy Blunt, sticking up for the 1%.
  2. Republicans, like Roy Blunt, sticking up for the 1%.
  3. Republicans, like Roy Blunt, sticking up for the 1%.

If you guessed Republicans, like Roy Blunt, sticking up for the 1% you'd be right.  Well, almost right.  The real answer is republicans sticking up for the .2%.  That's 2 tenths of 1 percent of American taxpayers, approximately 1 in 500.

Republicans are protecting .2% of American taxpayers from a tiny tax increase of only 2.1%, and in doing so are demanding that 113,000,000 working families - that's 3.1 million Missouri families, for the record - to pay $1,000 more in taxes in 2012.  So much for sticking to their anti-tax pledge.

Let's review:

Roy Blunt and the republicans want 113,000,000 American families (again, that's 3.1 million Missouri families) to pay $1,000 more in taxes to protect the richest .2%.

Claire McCaskill and the democrats want extend a tax break to 99.8% of American taxpayers and ask the remaining .2% pay their fair share.

Not extending the the payroll tax cut and hiking taxes on the vast majority of Americans would, according to sources, cut GDP by 1.5%, and further reduce spending by the poor and middle class, who are more likely to spend their after tax income and stimulate local, regional and the national economy. You see where this is going, yes? Taking $1,000 out of the pockets of working families will seriously inhibit their purchasing power, harming their local economy, small businesses and on and on.

It's clear that republicans couldn't care less about America's working families, and are strictly focused on protecting the richest of the rich.  They're even so bold as to ignore their pledge to de-facto Republican Leader Grover Norquist not to hike taxes in an effort to force the 99% to fund continued tax breaks for the wealthiest among us, while ignoring the needs of their constituents.  It's sickening, really.



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