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Richard (needlessly) piles on

How do you know you're having a hard week?  Here's a clue: the Speaker of the House (from your own party) needlessly shares with the public that he told you to take a hike when you personally called him and asked for a $20M earmark. You're a Member of Congress running for Senate, and the Speaker is (supposedly) a top supporter of your campaign.

Jason Rosenbaum captured the amazing moment at yesterday's Capitol press conference with Speaker Ron Richard and Budget Chair Allen Icet. Richard and Icet were explaining their brand-new stimulus spending plan, and getting questions about the projects cut out of the new plan which had previously been funded.  A reporter asked about the $20 million needed for a new State Historical Society building in Columbia.  Icet and Richard both said that the project had been dropped, and Icet tried to end the conversation with a promise that the full bill would be out for public consumption soon.

And then, without prompting, Richard voluntarily shared that Roy Blunt  called him personally to support the project -- and Richard refused. “And actually, Congressman Blunt called about that a couple of hours ago and asked me to consider that.  I said that was dead,” Richard said. Watch it:




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