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Ridonkulous: Kinder Says EPA Now Has 'Dictatorial Control Over The Entire US Economy"

Lt. Governor's Peter Kinder "calculated" strategy to be more effective and less ridiculous continues apace with this breathless tweet:

Kinder, as you might expect, is way off base. The EPA ruled today that greenhouse gases endanger public health – not exactly an extreme idea – which will allow the agency to regulate emissions IF the Senate fails to adopt clean energy legislation.  A 2007 Supreme Court ruling rebuked the Bush administration and required the EPA to determine under the Clean Air Act if carbon emissions had an impact on public health. 

The ruling does not require any immediate reaction, but does provide for new options if the Senate chooses not to reduce emissions legislatively.

Incredibly, the Lieutenant Governor's reaction was actually more shrill than the reaction from the American Petroleum Institute.  Compare their predictable response, calling for unabated pollution:

This action poses a threat to every American family and business if it leads to regulation of greenhouse gases under the Clean Air Act. Such regulation would be intrusive, inefficient, and excessively costly. It could chill job growth and delay business expansion.

with Kinder's response:

Today's EPA finding on CO2 "endangerment" effectively gives EPA dictatorial control over the entire US economy.

Kinder continues to impress.



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