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Roy Blunt On Death Panels: "It's Easy for That Debate to Go Either Way"

Friday, Roy Blunt spoke with KTRS' McGraw Milhaven about health care and his Senate campaign. Blunt was given a clear opportunity to separate himself from the dishonest, outrageous "death panel" claims. He could have completely disavowed the lies from Sarah Palin, Chuck Grassley and other Republican leaders, but chose to nurture the hysteria instead.

Host: There's one part of the country -- Democrats - that are saying "There's no such things as these 'death panels' in the bills."  And Sarah Palin and Chuck Grassley, Senator Chuck Grassley, last night said, "There is."  How do you see it?  Do you see these death panels in this legislation?

Blunt: No, you know, I see Medicare paying for consultations about end-of-life issues. I think it's easy for that debate to go either way. You know, when they start talking about doing this every five years, then you do begin to wonder, now, just how committed is the federal government to being sure that that decision's already been made by you well before you and your family face it.

It's not easy to see how the debate could "go either way." It's complete junk, and Blunt knows it (or should). 

In fact, his statement looks a lot like his comments about birther conspiracy theories a few weeks ago: Deny the outrageously false rumor, then quickly entertain the false notions to remind your conservative base that you're still one of them.



In related news, Roy Blunt said campaigning with Sarah Palin "would be very helpful" for his Senate bid. 



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