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Roy Blunt's Ludicrous Regulation Rhetoric

Roy Blunt is saying that the Obama administration is scaring businesses with all these crazy regulations about cusory issues like pollution. 

Meanwhile, Sen. Roy Blunt of Missouri and 13 other Republicans introduced legislation this week labeled the "Regulatory Time-Out Act." It would impose a one-year freeze on significant new regulations with over $100 million in compliance costs.

"They're not in hyper speed, they're in ludicrous speed when you look at regulations coming out of this administration," Blunt asserted to reporters recently.

Actually, to the surprise of many in the environmental advocacy community, the Obama administration has already walked back some clean air rules.  

Some would call a United States Senator who quotes the Mel Brooks classic Spaceballs, with no humor injected, to make a point that is not in line with reality ludicrous. 



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