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A Senator, a State Rep, and the Lt. Governor Walk Into a Bar...

Q: What do Lt. Gov Peter Kinder, Sen Pro Tem Rob Mayer and State Rep Shane Schoeller have in common?

A: Um, all of them are not running for Governor?

Well, that's true too, but moving on.

Unless you spent all day yesterday reading about Deidre Pujols or a certain $10,000 gaffe, you likely heard about the scathing editorial written about Schoeller and his colleagues jumping on the opportunity to undermine prevailing wage laws in rebuilding tornado-torn Joplin. But as the PD points out, this is not only downright mean - it's a little preplanned.

Even before the winds started to blow, Mr. Schoeller and other Republicans had been seeking to get rid of the prevailing wage law...

And, of course, Schoeller is joined by his other two stooges.

Mr. Schoeller is not alone in this quest. Sen. Rob Mayer, R-Dexter, the president pro tem of the Missouri Senate, has filed a bill that would accomplish the same feat. And Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder also has called for such a proposal...

The job creators have spoken. They want jobs created. $7 an hour jobs. Because THAT's how you jumpstart an economy.



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