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Sens. Shields and Engler: House stimulus plan has “very small chance” of Senate approval

The Star's Jason Noble reports:

Majority Leader Kevin Engler, a Farmington Republican, said he believed the plan had a “very small chance” of passage in the Senate, and even suggested a filibuster against it might be possible.

The state would be better served saving stimulus money for next year’s budget or directing it to capital projects that will generate economic activity, he said.

“There are some people who think this is an imprudent way to go about budgeting,” Engler said.

Senate Leader Charlie Shields, a St. Joseph Republican, said time was running too short to pass such a new and novel proposal.

“At this point in session, it’s a lot easier to kill something than to pass something,” Shields said. “I think people are open to listen and discuss and everything, I just think it’ll be a bit difficult to get done.”



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