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The Seven Hundred Billionth Article To Date Contradicting Blunt's TARP Lies

The Associated Press has yet another article today exposing Roy Blunt's absurd election-year claim that he didn't support the $700B TARP bailout: "Before he was against it, U.S. Rep. Roy Blunt was for a 2008 bill authorizing up to $700 billion to shore up banks and other troubled financial institutions. In fact, Blunt helped negotiate its details and -- as House Republican whip -- helped round up enough votes to ensure its passage."

AP reporter David Lieb describes Blunt's recent TARP lies in the most charitable way possible: "Blunt is carefully parsing his past support," he writes, because he voted for a "symbolic" resolution concerning some of the $700B months after helping shepherd through the very real bill.

'Parsing' might be the right word for Blunt's maneuvering if he hadn't lied to the KC Star when he said he would not "have voted to bail out the country‚Äôs banks." It also might have been the right word if Blunt spokesman Rich Chrismer had not "flatly rejected" criticisms from Robin Carnahan and Chuck Purgason regarding Blunt's vote for a $700 billion bailout plan.  Former Governor Matt Blunt even got in on the act, parroting Chrismer's assertion that Carnahan is "not telling the truth" when she makes the heretofore noncontroversial observation that Blunt voted for a $700B bailout.

'Parsing' might also be the right word if we didn't see stories like the following published yesterday -- the same day Lieb published his analysis.

The goal of the Blunt campaign isn't to 'parse' Blunt's record -- their goal is have voters believe things that aren't true.  You could read any newspaper article written since October 2008 explaining Blunt's vote, or you check out the talking points distributed by Congressional Republicans in January 2009.

I'll also point again to The Washington Times 2008 coverage of Blunt's role in passing the bailout.  If Blunt is telling the truth, which is this GOP propaganda shop lying about him?

The Blunt 'parsing' is just ridiculous.

For more, check out any of the coverage from the following media outlets regarding the noncontroversial fact that the 2008 TARP bailout was a $700B bailout.



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