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Shocking: HRCC Leaders Don't Want To Defend Their Reprehensible Robocalls

UPDATE #3: Steve Tilley says the HRCC has stopped running the calls.


UPDATE #2: Rep. Mike Talboy (D-Kansas City) has issued the following statement about the calls: "The Republicans should feel ashamed of themselves for attacking the reputation of a colleague they work with everyday. Representative Colona's work with these companies focused on making sure that no children were exploited. If the Republican Party thinks that is wrong, their problems are much bigger than this reprehensible robo-call.  The House Republican Campaign Committee leadership should end these tactics immediately.”


UPDATE: Show Me Progress has audio of the HRCC call in HD124 declaring that Scavuzzo "no longer shares our Christian family values."

So the HRCC is also running offensive, absurd homophobic robocalls against Rep. Charlie Norr (D-Springfield) and Rep. Luke Scavuzzo (D-Harrisonville)  attacking the candidates' "Christian family values."

Amazingly, The Star is having a hard time getting in touch with the treasurers for the HRCC, Eddy Justice and Eric Brooks, and The News-Leader can't get a call back from Majority Leader Steve Tilley, who chairs the committee.

Tellingly, Norr's GOP opponent, Melissa Leach, said "I would never authorize anything like that." 

Via Twitter and the Fired Up! tipline, we're also told very similar calls are going out in a number of other districts, including HD21 against Kelly Schultz and HD5 against Judy Wright, but haven't heard audio yet.  At this time, the allegedly evil donor is believed to be Rep. Mike Colona of St. Louis (!), but the HRCC obviously hasn't explained their garbage yet. 



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