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Standing By For New Empty Threats From St. Louis Tea Party

Dana Loesch, pictured here threatening Todd Akin and Roy Blunt in 2009, scaring no one

The Hotline reports this morning that members of the brand new "Tea Party Caucus" requested more than $1 billion in earmarks in the 111th Congress.   Missouri's Todd Akin and Blaine Luetkemeyer are members of the caucus -- Akin sought $14.7M in earmarks in Fiscal Year 2010, while Luetkemeyer didn't ask for any.

A couple of weeks ago, St. Louis Tea Party leaders Twitter, anyway) when Senator-elect Roy Blunt announced that he didn't have any interest in reforming the existing earmark process.  Local sillyperson Dana Loesch even promised to look for a 2016 primary challenger if Blunt ignored their empty threats, and then that all went away when it became clear that they weren't actually scaring anyone.

h/t The indispensible Political Wire



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