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Support For Health Care Reform Has Increased Since August Recess

A new tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds that "public support for health reform ended its summer slide, reversed course and moved modestly upwards." From their analysis:

Republicans and political independents became markedly more pessimistic about health reform in August, but those viewpoints softened in September.  While 49 percent of Republicans say their family would be worse off if health reform passes, this is down from 61 percent in August.  The percentage of independents saying they would be worse off fell from 36 percent in August to 26 percent this month.

Democrats remain overwhelmingly in favor of tackling health care now (77%), while most Republicans  say we cannot afford to do so (63%) and independents are more evenly divided (51% in favor and 44% opposed).

Fifty-seven percent of the public -- including 56% of independents -- say the GOP is opposing reform plans more for political reasons than because they think reform will be bad for the country.

The poll was conducted September 11-18, and has a margin of error of +/- 3 points. Read the full analysis here.

(via Think Progress)



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