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Swift Boat Smear Consultant Climbs Aboard Akin's Leaky Ship

Update: LaCivita is also working for Ed Martin this cycle. 

KMBC's Mike Mahoney reports that the Todd Akin campaign has hired Chris LaCivita, "the man behind the 2004 ‘Swift[b]oat’ ad campaign." The Washington Post describes LaCivita as a man "intimately involved in the Swift boat campaign."

Because nothing says "I'm on God's Team and God's on mine!" like hiring the media advisor for one of the more infamous smear campaigns in recent years.

To jog your memory:

LaCivita was a paid consultant and media adviser to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, who launched a smear campaign against Democratic presidential nominee Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) based on lies, factual distortions, and baseless attacks on Kerry's Vietnam War record and personal life...At the time, McCain called the Swift Boat Veterans' campaign "dishonest and dishonorable."

In 2008, LaCivita co-founded the American Issues Project with the financial backing of Harold Simmons, a Dallas-based businessman who also helped fund the Swift boat smear campaign.

LaCivita was also previously a consultant to USA Next, "another Republican front group that supported the Bush administration's efforts to privatize Social Security and routinely attacked the AARP for its opposition to Social Security privatization."

Image credit: Richmond Times-Dispatch



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