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Tea Party Narrative: GOP Staffer Accusing Nieves Of Assault Is A Dishonest "Democrat Operative"

I happened to be driving through St. Louis Friday afternoon, and caught the tail end of Dana Loesch's radio show on FM NewsTalk 97.1. It was a fascinating bit of talk radio in which Loesch and guest Michelle Moore -- the activist who has provided the webcasts of Brian Nieves' radio show -- asserted that Nieves' alleged victim is "Democrat operative" from out of state who shouldn't be trusted.  (Never mind all that about how Shawn Bell actually works for GOP consultant James Harris and used to work for the House Republicans.)

Here's Loesch's exchange with Moore:

Later in the program, Loesch screamed that she would "start naming names" about those who have been "co-opted" by the evildoers in Jefferson City and Washington, DC.

Loesch's full show is online in two parts (here and here).



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