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Tilley Email Zooms From Fox Inbox to To Anti-Icet Ethics Complaint

UPDATE: Icet spokesman Steve Walsh: “It’s a clerical oversight. That’s what were calling it. A clerical oversight."

The Star reports this afternoon that the Thomas Schweich campaign has filed an ethics complaint against Allen Icet, alleging that a $25,000 campaign contribution from Majority Leader Steve Tilley should have been recorded as a loan instead of a contribution.  The whole complaint rests on an email exchange between Tilley and GOP fundraiser Sam Fox.

It sure looks like Tilley was trying to save some face with Fox (a big supporter of Schweich's "outsider" campaign) , eight months after his donation to Icet was made public.  If Tilley thought Icet had improperly reported the transfer as he told Fox this week, then why didn't he take that up with his House colleague a long time ago? 


Be sure to note the way a humble Tilley refers to himself as a Speaker of the House.



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